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The Paw Path Litter Mat, the last litter mat you'll ever need!  It's the purrfect solution for litter tracking

You’ve finally found a product that will efficiently stop litter from spreading all over your home. The Paw Path® is simple and attractive, not to mention totally safe for your cat, created with the cat’s utmost comfort in mind.

The Paw Path® can be used with any standard covered litterbox.

Here's how it works:

When your cat walks on the Paw Path® when exiting the litterbox, the lattice will separate their paws, releasing the litter caught in them into the tray underneath. The tray is free standing, to facilitate cleaning. The litter that is collected onto the tray can either be disposed or reused. The fences encourage your cat to walk across the entire length of the Paw Path®, as well as deflecting litter that energetic cats tend to kick out from inside the Paw Path™.

Crafted with premium quality plastic - durable and safe, made to last for years!
Easy to use and simple to clean!
Say goodbye to constant cleaning and unsanitary litter tracked all over your floors.
Promotes a healthier life and better hygiene for both cats and cat owners.

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